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Client testimonials #Taxis4u

"Black Cabs have become by far the most reliable, and convenient way to travel around London as a wheelchair user who lives and works in Central London. They give freedom which can’t me matched by public transport as the accessible infrastructure needed simply isn’t there. London Black Cabbies are the most professional and considerate I’ve come across, both in the UK and internationally, and the accessibility that the ramps, hearing loops and handles in all the black cabs provides is unrivaled. This is a lifeline to independence that I never want to lose."

Dom Hyams assist-Mi (Website)

"Taxis-4u has worked with the Wallpaper* team for the past four years. They are incredibly loyal, and excellent drivers and even better company! I highly recommend their services for an efficient and professional service."

Wallpaper (Website)

"As a business based in London, we are more than happy with Taxis-4u service. When you want a service you can trust 100% it’s a no - brainer - IAM"

IAM (Website)

"For the last 25 years I have used the services of Taxis-4u. Their knowledge of London’s roads is superior and this makes all the difference when you need to attend urgent meetings in London. When time is money you cannot beat these guys. Ken Bates"

Ken Bates