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Terms and conditions #Taxis4u

Taxis for You Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 11525972.
Registered Address: 64 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 0AS, United Kingdom


1.1 Taxis for You will email you a quotation, along with a reference number on receiving your request.

1.2 Taxis for You will amend the quote if any details have been changed from your original request.

1.3 If you accept a quote you will receive a booking confirmation with full details of your booking along with the final costs.

1.4 Please ensure you check the confirmation booking form carefully. 'Taxis for You' cannot be held responsible for incorrect information given.

1.5 Proceeding with a booking (either online or by telephone) confirms the customer has read and agreed to these terms and conditions.

1.6 All return bookings must be paid for in advance.

1.7 The driver will travel by the most appropriate route on the day, unless instructed otherwise by the customer.

1.8 If a passenger is seated in a wheelchair this reduces the overall seating capacity to 5 (including the wheelchair user).

1.9 Quotes provided remain valid for 28 days.

1.10 All prices quoted are in UK pounds £GBP.

1.11 The the case of partial refunds, for example a hotel transfer where one part of the job has been completed and the second part is cancelled, any refunds will be on the basis of completed parts will be calculated at full cost and the uncompleted parts discounted. So you would be refunded based on discounted elements left uncompleted.



2.1 If you cancel your Taxis for You booking up to 48 hours before, there is zero charge for cancelling except for any costs already incured.

2.2 If you cancel your Taxis for You booking between 24 – 48 hours before, the cancellation charge is 20% of your booking.

2.3 If you cancel your Taxis for You booking within 6 hours before, unfortunately you still have to pay 50% of your fare.

2.4 Taxis for You work on a best endeavours basis, we will try to build in buffer to journey times to cover for traffic and delays, if your journey is time critical please discuss this with us and we will provide you with appropriate options.

2.5 Taxis for You shall not be held responsible or liable for any delays (and/or any arising consequential losses) that occur beyond our control.

2.6 Taxis for You reserves the right to cancel or refuse a booking refusal will normally because of economic reasons e.g. the job is too small and the run-in is too far making it not commercially viable, we would let you know as soon as a potential booking comes in if your job fits that category of work.

2.7 Taxis for You reserves the right to cancel or re-price a quoation produced with the online quotation system as there are times when places matched in the database are incorrect or very similar to what's been typed in, we will of course confirm this with you if this occurs.

2.8 Taxis for You needs a minimum of 24 hours prior to the pickup time to schedule a taxi, if your pickup time is less than 24 hours please contact us directly.


Extra Charges

3.1 The price quoted (unless specified) is for one pick-up point and one destination. Additional pick-ups or drop-offs will be charged based on the distance between each pickup/drop-off. If these are booked and confirmed in advance they will be included in the quote, otherwise the lead passenger will be responsible for the additional payment.

3.2 If you want to detour on your jouney (stop offs or just want to see the sights), please arange this directly with your driver on the day, there maybe an additional charge for this, agree this with the driver before commencing the journey.

3.3 Damage or soiling of the taxi will be charged seperately, this falls outside of the scope of the fixed prices we offer.

3.4 There is a soiling charge of £60 should the vehicle be soiled, any damage will be charged based on the cost to repair that damage.


Your Responsibilites

4.1 The driver has the right to refuse transport to any passenger who is abusive or so intoxicated that they have lost or are losing control of their faculties, or their behaviour is such that it could endanger the driver or other passengers. Passengers are taken at the discretion of the driver.

4.2 To notify Taxis for You via email quoting your booking reference of any changed to your booking as soon as possible to allow us to plan accordingly.

4.3 If you have children in your group, it is your responsibility to provide approriate child seats if you require them.

4.4 If you have a lot of luggage we will endeavour to try our best to load all of it in a single taxi, but you may have more luggage that we are legally allowed to carry, if in doubt please take a picture of all your luggage before you depart and email it to us so we can try to calculate any loading issues ahead of time.



5.1 All commission is calculated in £GBP and paid at the prevaling rate if the commission is paid in another currency.

5.2 Commission is paid at the completion of undertaking the booking.

5.3 Our prefered method of payment for commission is PayPal.


6.1 It is against the law to smoke in any taxi, this includes electronic cigarettes.

6.2 All parcels, packages and goods are taken at customer’s own risk. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure adequate insurance cover is in place for goods in transit.

6.3 Please ensure that any item, including valuables and personal effects brought into the taxi with you are removed from the taxi at the end of the journey. Any item found in the back of a taxi, but not belonging to the current passenger, shall be brought to the attention of the driver as soon as it is possible to do so.

6.4 Distances quoted (how the prices are worked out) are based on averages between the quickest and shortest route, it's rare that the quickest route uses the same as the shortest route, so both are calculated and then averaged, the same is true for the travel time.

6.5 If a particular term in these Terms is invalid or inconsistent with any Applicable Law, the Applicable Law will apply, but the other terms will remain valid.