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The Knowledge #Taxis4u

Every taxi driver that works via Taxis for You is a fully licensed London Taxi driver, this means they have passed the world famous Knowledge of London test. There is two versions of this test, the All of London Licence (Green Badge) and the Suburban Licence (Yellow Badge).

The Green Badge allows a taxi driver to work in all parts of the metropolitan area of London including Heathrow Airport. The Yellow Badge is broken into sectors and allows a taxi driver to work only the area they are licensed for.

The knowledge process is first a medical and DBS (criminal record check) before your even allowed to undertake the knowledge. Then you start your 'runs' and 'points' (depending on which method you undertake), 'runs' consist of 320 basic runs that criscross London like a mesh, you memorise these runs so they are fluent in your mind and when your speaking them. You may do points at the same time or after the runs, points are places of interest, we learn up to 20,000 of these, what road and where on the road they are.

Once you have completed your runs and at least 2,000 points you take a map test, if you pass that your then on appearences, appearences are 1-2-1 oral tests with a candidate and examiner, these last between 15 minutes and 30 minutes and if your very good you will complete 12 of these appeaences over approximately 2 years and eventually pass. You then go onto learn the suburbs this is much easier than the knowledge and once you pass this stage your presented with your badge and are then able to work as a London Licensed Taxi driver from that point onwards.

Only Taxi drivers that have these badges are allowed to pickup off the street without a prebooking we call this plying for hire.

We believe there is a significant safety issue with drivers reliant on sat-nav's if they have no idea where they are going and are fully reliant on a device for navigation then their full concentration is not on the road ahead. London Licensed Taxi Drivers will use sat-nav's but this is an aid to their job, looking at traffic ahead so they are improving your journey times is good customer service.