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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Taxis are the safest mode of public transport?

You the passenger are in a seperate compartment, airflow front to back is normally seperate, the partition between the front and back of the taxi offers good issolation between the driver and passenger.

Are London taxis expensive?

Depends on your perspective, if buying a good quality service where you are contracting someone who has undergone significant training to do their job is important to you then no. If on the other hand if all that matters to you is the price then there are plenty of options which on the surface seem cheaper, until something goes wrong, then the experienced black cab driver will more often than not win the day. All Taxi fares in London are regulated by TfL, so no surging at busy times.

Are black cabs safe?

There is a number of elements to this, driver training allows the driver to spend more time focusing on the actual driving compared to a driver reliant on a sat-nav. The London Taxi is purpose built which includes a number of features for your comfort and safety, a physical partition seperates you and the driver, steps and ramps for those less mobile, intercom system, grab handles, driver ID's front and back of the cab, insurance details on display in the front of the Taxi, the driver carries his/her bill which has a photo of them most drivers are happy to show you their bill.

Are all black cabs wheelchair friendly?

All London Black Cabs/taxis are wheelchair enabled, they have ramps, they can accommodate a normal sized wheelchair with the person sitting in the chair during loading, the journey and exiting the taxi.

What is a wheelchair accessible taxi?

A Taxi that can accommodate a wheelchair with the person remaining seated in the wheelchair during loading, the journey and exiting the taxi, most drivers have received training on loading and securing the wheelchairs.

How do I order a black cab in London?

Off the street with a street hail, put your hand in the air when you see a cab, a taxi rank, this website, there are a number of apps for mobile phones, Taxiapp UK, CabApp, there are other apps like Gett and Freenow.

How much do taxis in London cost?

London Taxis use a meter that is regulated by TfL, the fares are worked out on a cost index so the driver is paid the correct amount for the journey. TfL have example fares on their website or use our quote system to get fixed fare prices

Can you pre book black cabs?

Yes via this website or via one of the many apps the London taxi trade uses, Taxiapp UK, CabApp, Gett or Freenow.