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Socially Distanced Taxis

All our Taxis are socially distant compliant, the distance between the driver and the passengers on the back seats is 2+ meters, this is before you take the partition into consideration, the airflow between the front and the back is virtually non existent, please see the our videos that demonstrate this.

Video 1 Video 2

London Taxis are in effect two cabins, the drivers cabin and the passengers cabin, in normal operation there is little or no need for the driver to enter the passenger cabin of the taxi, this reduces cross contamination, one of the only reasons for the driver to enter the back of the cab is to clean it between trips.

If you are an account customer (weekly or monthly billing) your need to touch devices like the credit card machine would be much reduced, also the doors on our Mercedes Vito Taxis can be button operated so there no need to touch door handles etc. Please watch the video demonstrating these features.

Your passengers safety

Using a purpose build vehicle provides a number of benefits, automatic steps, ramps for wheelchairs, (a key point with London Taxis is the ability to load a wheelchair with the passenger seated in the wheelchair at the time of loading. Intercom, hearing loop, clearly visible handles all help in aiding those that require some assitance.

All out Mercedes Vito Taxis are 6 seaters, (this is reduced to 4 seats if a wheelchair is loaded), there is ample room in the back.

All our Taxis are fully insured, the insurance certificate is visible in the front of the Taxi.

All our Taxi drivers are Green or Yellow Badge London Taxi drivers, all have completed the world famous Knowledge of London, we are entitled to use most bus lanes in London speeding up your journey times significantly.

Most London Taxi drivers have undertaken a second driving test, we call it 'The Drive' this was recently scraped by TfL but it was a useful test that went above and beyond normal driving skills, it included a wheelchair loading part of the test too.

All London Taxi drivers have passed Enhanced DBS screening, the government is recommending that these checks are done every 6 months rather than every 3 years, we welcome this move as it improves customer safety.

We of course cater for adults as well.


We are happy to enter into discussions about fixed prices, businesses and authorities need some certainty when it comes to pricing for journeys, we have a system for calculating the distance between places to work out prices and we are happy to fix those prices.

We fully appreciate the need for some work to be billed on billing cycles that suit the business or authority we are happy to configure our billing to dovetail with your systems. We can break that information down by department, reference numbers etc.

Potential for doubling up, due to he amount of space in the passenger compartment it is possible that two journeys that have similar start and destinations can be doubled up, helping reduce costs.

We are happy to come and see you to present our services to you, please contact us with your requirements.

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