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Why Taxis are the safest mode of public transport #Taxis4u

Socially Distanced Taxis

The back of a vito London taxi

This article is written whilst we in London and the rest of the UK are experiencing a lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With social distancing at the fore-front of safety implementations, the iconic purpose built London Taxi comes out head and shoulders above the vehicles used by the Private Hire industry for passenger safety in these uncertain times. Even with some of the Private Hire companies retrofitting aftermarket screens between the driver and passengers, these don't give the same level of protection as our plastic polycarbonate screens that are 250 times stronger than glass, our airconditioning systems are designed for two seperate compartments.

With the UK Government advising members of the public to maintain a 2 meter 'self-distance' space between individuals, by using 'Taxis for You' Fleet of Mercedes Vito’s with the distance between the driver and passengers divided by the clear plastic polycarbonate partition, safety is paramount.

In London Private Hire vehicles, the maximum distance is a measly 0.5m and if the passenger sits in the front, the space is non existent putting both the passengers and driver at risk of Covid-19. The interior of Private Hire vehicles is designed using materials chosen for comfort and asthetics and not for cleaning or disinfecting purposes, therefore the risk of infection in Private Hire vehicles is high.

At 'Taxis for You', the safety of our passengers is paramount and drivers will be wearing both masks and gloves and the rear passenger compartment will be sterilised and disinfected prior to the commencement of the journey. Payment by CC also removes any physical contact with the driver, thus resulting in a smooth, safe journey. If you and your families safety are important, then travelling with us will make your journey as safe as it can be.

We look forward to accommodating your transportation needs.

Taxis for You team.

Written May 2020.

The back of a vito London taxi

Tamzin Outhwaite has done a video of the benefits of using a London Taxi.

Video 1

The first video is a normal car with smoke being pumped into the back and showing how quickly the smoke makes it into the front of the vehicle.

Video 2

The second video is a London Taxi with a partition with smoke being pumped into the back and showing that the cross contamination between the front and the back is almost zero.

Video 3

The third video shows how much smoke was in the back of the Taxi at the end of the test with zero in the front of the Taxi.

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